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QuickStick Kamar Detectors

Kamar Heatmount Detectors are available in a convenient peel and stick application.
QuickStick Kamar detectors are available from certain suppliers.

Features and benefits of QuickStick Kamar Detectors:

No more liquid adhesive.

More convenient application—prepare cow, then peel and stick.

40 detectors per box.

Updated, easy-to-read, important-to-follow instructions

Important things to remember about the QuickStick Kamar detectors:

Follow the directions carefully for best results—be sure to rub the detector firmly into the cow’s hair.

To remove the plastic backing, locate the slit behind the image of the cow stamped on the top—on the upper left side, when viewed from the back. It’s hard to see, but easy to feel with your finger running along the edge.

Don’t apply the detector to filthy, oily, or wet hair; the glue won’t work!

Don’t rush the application process—be sure to rub the detector firmly into the cow’s hair

If in doubt about the application, don’t hesitate to smear some Kamar adhesive onto the cow. It shouldn’t be necessary under good conditions, but it will be useful sometimes.


QuickStick Kamar Detector FAQ

Q. Wouldn’t a “peel-off back” be more convenient?

A. It sure would! We have worked on this for years, and we have finally released the QuickStick Kamar detector in the spring of 2005. The liquid adhesive is still the best; apply the QuickStick Kamar detectors according to directions for best results.

Q. Do the QuickStick Kamar detectors work as well as the regular detectors?

A. No! The liquid adhesive that comes with standard detectors is very effective and reliable, and no peel-and-stick product—ours included—will ever rival it in quality. However, the QuickStick Kamar detector DOES work well enough for us to confidently launch the product. Apply the QuickStick Kamar detector carefully: clean the filthy cows, dry the wet ones, avoid oily hair coats, and avoid getting the Detector chilly. The warmer the adhesive, the better it will grip deeply. If in doubt, add a little bit of Kamar adhesive. Once the QuickStick Kamar detector is securely applied, it will hold in all conditions— wet, cold, dirty, etc.

Q. Will the QuickStick Kamar detector work in wet conditions?

A. Yes. Once the QuickStick Kamar Detector is securely attached, it will stay. However, moisture, manure, oil, and grease will prevent the QuickStick Kamar detector from adhering correctly during application. Apply the Detector to a clean surface, then it will stay stuck throughout all weather and climate conditions.

Q. So, how do you peel off the plastic backing? Why isn’t there a little tab to hold?

A. The plastic backing has a slice on the upper left side when looking at the back, arrow pointing upward. (Underneath the cow that is stamped on the top.) It’s hard to see, but not hard to feel if you run your finger along the edge. With a little practice, you’ll be removing the backing with your eyes closed! You can certainly expect future design improvements; our manufacturing process won’t allow a tab, for the time being.

Q. No more adhesive means lower costs, right? Why are QuickStick Kamar detectors more expensive?

A. The saving on glue is not negligible, especially in freight! But the QuickStick Kamar Detector adhesive is difficult to put onto the detector, and difficult to manufacture into individual detectors – it keeps gumming up our machines. The increased cost is due to these manufacturing inconveniences, not our insatiable lust for profit! Kamar detectors, both standard and QuickStick Kamar Detectors, are excellent products delivered to you at a fair price – and above all, a good value.

Q. That thin QuickStick Kamar Detector adhesive couldn’t possibly stay stuck, could it?

A. We’ve worked long and hard to develop an adhesive with the right properties to stick to a dirty animal under the worst weather conditions while suffering horrible abuse from mounting herdmates. A properly applied detector will not disappoint you, but be careful to follow instructions and rub the detector firmly into the hair coat. If in doubt, smear a little Kamar adhesive into the cow’s hair.

Q. My neighbor’s QuickStick Kamar detectors all fell off! Are the new detectors defective?

A. QuickStick Kamar detectors work exceedingly well when properly applied to a prepared haircoat. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where the product will not be at its best. Chilly adhesive will not be soft enough to grip the hair. Oily coats will not accept a QuickStick Kamar detector, so don’t zealously curry the application site before application. Pest-control drenches can also interfere with the adhesive. Don’t shave the application site—the glue needs hair to wrap itself around. And most importantly, be sure to firmly rub the detector into the cow’s hair – this forces the glue to grip the hair, and can soften chilly glue.

Q. I’ve heard about that scratch-off detector, the Estrus Alert/EstroTect, whose trademarks are owned by your competitors. Is it any good?

A. Many people have had some success with the Estrus Alert and the EstroTect. Like the QuickStick Kamar detector, they use a thin layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive to stay on the cow. These adhesives are vulnerable to deep cold, wetness, oily hair, and hasty application; avoid these situations. However unlike the QuickStick Kamar detector, those products do not have a timing mechanism, so a false heat can scratch the liner! It is similar to a tail-paint system, where interpretation of smears and scratches is a necessary skill. The QuickStick Kamar Detector does the interpreting for you – it’s either red or white! Of course, we think the QuickStick Kamar detector is a much better value – an excellent product at a fair price.

Q. I’ve asked around for the QuickStick Kamar detectors—nobody has them. Can I buy direct?

A. The classic Kamar Detector (with liquid adhesive) is the superior product, so many of our distributors (with our approval) carry only that variety. Some of our partners do carry the QuickStick Kamar Detectors; contact us for one in your area.


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